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create actual Results

Change-Id: Iff36c953e0eb22f763bdcec3fcf91f47b6e619d0
parent 652d2a10
......@@ -5,16 +5,14 @@
# conditions defined in the file COPYING, which is part of this source code package.
import time
from typing import Any, Iterator, Mapping, NamedTuple, Optional, Sequence
StringTable = list[list[str]]
Service = tuple[Optional[str], Mapping[str, str]]
DiscoveryResult = Iterator[Service]
CheckResult = Iterator[tuple[int, str]]
from typing import Any, Mapping, NamedTuple, Optional, Sequence
from cmk.base.plugins.agent_based.agent_based_api.v1 import Result, Service, State
from cmk.base.plugins.agent_based.agent_based_api.v1.type_defs import (
# Example outputs from agent:
# <<<heartbeat_crm>>>
......@@ -221,11 +219,13 @@ def parse_heartbeat_crm(string_table: StringTable) -> Optional[Section]:
def discover_heartbeat_crm(section: Section) -> DiscoveryResult:
params = host_extra_conf_merged(host_name(), inventory_heartbeat_crm_rules)
yield None, {
"num_nodes": section.cluster.num_nodes,
"num_resources": section.cluster.num_resources,
**({"dc": section.cluster.dc} if params.get("naildown_dc", False) else {}),
yield Service(
"num_nodes": section.cluster.num_nodes,
"num_resources": section.cluster.num_resources,
**({"dc": section.cluster.dc} if params.get("naildown_dc", False) else {}),
def check_heartbeat_crm(_no_item, params: Mapping[str, Any], section: Section) -> CheckResult:
......@@ -242,36 +242,44 @@ def check_heartbeat_crm(_no_item, params: Mapping[str, Any], section: Section) -
now = time.time()
delta = now - dt
if delta > params["max_age"]:
yield 2, "Ignoring reported data (Status output too old: %s)" % (
yield Result(
summary="Ignoring reported data (Status output too old: %s)"
% (get_age_human_readable(delta),),
# Check for correct DC when enabled
if params.get("dc") is None or dc == params["dc"]:
yield 0, "DC: %s" % (dc,)
yield Result(state=State.OK, summary=f"DC: {dc}")
yield 2, "DC: %s (Expected %s)" % (dc, params["dc"])
yield Result(state=State.CRIT, summary=f"DC: {dc} (Expected {params['dc']})")
# Check for number of nodes when enabled
if params["num_nodes"] is not None and num_nodes is not None:
if num_nodes == params["num_nodes"]:
yield 0, "Nodes: %d" % (num_nodes,)
yield Result(state=State.OK, summary="Nodes: %d" % (num_nodes,))
yield 2, "Nodes: %d (Expected %d)" % (num_nodes, params["num_nodes"])
yield Result(
summary="Nodes: %d (Expected %d)" % (num_nodes, params["num_nodes"]),
# Check for number of resources when enabled
if params["num_resources"] is not None and num_resources is not None:
if num_resources == params["num_resources"]:
yield 0, "Resources: %d" % (num_resources,)
yield Result(state=State.OK, summary="Resources: %d" % (num_resources,))
yield 2, "Resources: %d (Expected %d)" % (num_resources, params["num_resources"])
yield Result(
summary="Resources: %d (Expected %d)" % (num_resources, params["num_resources"]),
if not params.get("show_failed_actions"):
for action in section.resources.failed_actions:
yield 1, f"Failed: {action}"
yield Result(state=State.WARN, summary=f"Failed: {action}")
check_info["heartbeat_crm"] = {
......@@ -353,34 +361,37 @@ def inventory_heartbeat_crm_resources(section: Section) -> DiscoveryResult:
# In naildown mode only resources which are started somewhere can be
# inventorized
if settings.get("naildown_resources", False) and resources[0][2] != "Stopped":
yield name, {"expected_node": resources[0][3]}
yield Service(item=name, parameters={"expected_node": resources[0][3]})
yield name, {}
yield Service(item=name)
def check_heartbeat_crm_resources(
item: str,
params: Mapping[str, str],
params: Mapping[str, Optional[str]],
section: Section,
) -> CheckResult:
if (resources := section.resources.resources.get(item)) is None:
if not len(resources):
yield 0, "No resources found"
yield Result(state=State.OK, summary="No resources found")
for resource in resources:
yield 0, " ".join([isinstance(p, list) and ", ".join(p) or p for p in resource])
yield Result(
summary=" ".join([isinstance(p, list) and ", ".join(p) or p for p in resource]),
if len(resource) == 3 and resource[2] != "Started":
yield 2, 'Resource is in state "%s"' % (resource[2],)
yield Result(state=State.CRIT, summary='Resource is in state "%s"' % (resource[2],))
elif (
(target_node := params.get("expected_node"))
and target_node != resource[3]
and resource[1] != "Slave"
and resource[1] != "Clone"
yield 2, "Expected node: %s" % (target_node,)
yield Result(state=State.CRIT, summary="Expected node: %s" % (target_node,))
check_info["heartbeat_crm.resources"] = {
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