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Title: Fix ignored site filter on exporting views as PDF report
Class: fix
Compatible: compat
Component: reporting
Date: 1653052712
Edition: cee
Knowledge: doc
Level: 1
State: unknown
Version: 2.2.0i1
If you used site filters in views and the option "Export" -> "This view as
PDF", the generated report contained all site results.
Title: Fix error while removing event console rule MKPs
Class: fix
Compatible: compat
Component: wato
Date: 1653296177
Edition: cre
Knowledge: doc
Level: 1
State: unknown
Version: 2.2.0i1
If MKPs with event console rules were removed, the error "list assignment index
out of range" could occur.
......@@ -288,19 +288,18 @@ def remove(package: PackageInfo) -> None:
filenames = package["files"].get(part.ident, [])
if len(filenames) > 0:
logger.log(VERBOSE, " %s%s%s", tty.bold, part.title, tty.normal)
if part.ident == "ec_rule_packs":
for fn in filenames:
logger.log(VERBOSE, " %s", fn)
path = part.path + "/" + fn
if part.ident == "ec_rule_packs":
with suppress(FileNotFoundError):
file_path = Path(part.path) / fn
except Exception as e:
if cmk.utils.debug.enabled():
raise Exception("Cannot remove %s: %s\n" % (path, e))
raise Exception("Cannot remove %s: %s\n" % (file_path, e))
(package_dir() / package["name"]).unlink()
......@@ -537,6 +536,7 @@ def _remove_packaged_rule_packs(file_names: Iterable[str], delete_export: bool =
del rule_packs[index]
if delete_export:
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